Rossignol and Dynastar ski collection

In the START GATE stores you will find the entire range of Rossignol and Dynastar skis of all categories: Race, Track, All Mountain, Freeride, Free touring, Nordic, without forgetting the tools dedicated in particular to women and juniors. And also the complete range of accessories: helmets, masks, sticks, protections, and backpacks.

The new Forza range 2023/2024

 The new FORZA range redefines the traditional limits of piste skiing.
 These new skis are designed with a precise objective: to allow you to get as close as possible to the snow, offering maximum inclination.
This is made possible thanks to a total downsizing of the ski: length and width have been increased, as well as the side-cut; in this way, the FORZA skis are able to support different angles to offer maximum control and maximum fun to each skier, regardless of the level of preparation.

The best Rossignol technologies, derived from racing products, have been used in the construction of the new skis: from the “Line Control Technology” that eliminates the counter-flex guaranteeing constant stability and fluidity, to the “V-Titanal Technology” that offers the ski a perfect balance to maintain the right trajectory even in difficult conditions, up to the “Reinforced Torsion Tip” that integrates the titanal layer in the tip for a better transfer of power and precision in curves.

The models in the Forza range

Commitment and precision are the words that perfectly embody the spirit of the new FORZA, the perfect combination of elegance and power able to offer skiers unique sensations of angle, allowing them to rediscover carving in its purest state.

The models in the range are distinguished by the angle they are able to offer: 


Thanks to its lightweight, innovative and manageable design, the Forza 20° V ski is ideal for beginners and intermediate level skiers. It is the perfect ski for the natural progression towards carving and a more precise angle.


With its innovative shape, the Forza 40° V-CA ski is suitable for skiers of any level and allows you to pass from one curve to another with maximum involvement.


Designed for advanced skiers, the Forza 60° V-TI ski sets a new standard in advanced carving. Its revolutionary shape supports aggressive angle and maximum control in high-speed corners, ensuring maximum fun.


Designed for experienced skiers looking for full-speed carving, and characterized by oversized dimensions combined with oversized skidding and race-proven construction, the Forza 70° V-TI Master R22 ski offers maximum control in high-speed curves. For total involvement and maximum fun.

The new Essential

The new ESSENTIAL represents a starting point of a collective adventure that unites nature lovers around common social and environmental issues, with the aim of preserving our “playground”, the mountain.

Designers, materials engineers, production technicians and recycling specialists have worked tirelessly to create Essential, a unique Rossignol model, designed according to the dictates of sustainability, whose life cycle fits perfectly into the circular economy.

Skiing is made up of 73% recycled, certified and bio-based materials (34% recycled materials and 39% bio-based materials) and is 77% recyclable, 10 times more than traditional skiing.

With Essential we all have the power to act and that is why we invite all mountain lovers to commit more to its conservation. Because when everyone makes their contribution and cooperation becomes the rule, then anything is possible!

The restyling of the Speed Line

Among the innovations that have affected the Speed range for the 2023/24 season, the one with the greatest impact is linked to the graphics, which is chromatically renewed and shows the new logo of the collection; a logo that takes the initial “S” of the name and the Mont Blanc, an iconic mountain that has been linked to Dynastar since the birth of the brand.
The new slalom and giant ski races, the result of the collaboration between the brand and the athletes who are involved in all stages of product design, present a series of high-performance technologies, including the Rectangular Sandwich construction and the Ash Wood core fibro/metal, which allow you to make and obtain powerful and precise supports and unparalleled grip and momentum, as well as perfect responsiveness, power and stability.

Some of the technologies of the race line are also present in the track line, composed of numerous models, each of which is designed for skiers with a different mastery of the tool.

Starting from the 963 and 763 models, designed for skiers of good level, then moving to the 563, for intermediate skiers, up to the models 363 and 263, perfect tools for all those people who are tracing their first curves on the snow.

The new Dynastar M-Cross range

 The new M-Cross range, the latest addition to the M-Line universe, is a first for the 2023-24 season. A line designed specifically for all those skiers accustomed to speeding on the slopes that, however, do not resist some incursion on unbeaten tracks.

Available for all levels (beginner, intermediate, expert), all-mountain free M-Cross skis are fun, with a short range and very playful behavior. Their construction guarantees grip and performance on the piste, while allowing agile skiing even off the beaten track.